Free Google Digital Skills Training

Unemployment is on the rise and the economic situation of the country is worsening by the day. People are loosing their jobs and more graduates enter the labour market every year for jobs that are not there. Entrepreneurship is the only option we have to earn a honest living and achieve our dreams. But a […]

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2014/2015 EED Website Design Assignment

(This post is meant for Students of EED : Website Design, [Group 2] of the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi) Hi, As assessment for the course, you are required to do the following: Create a WordPress Account, keep your username and password safely Confirm the email you used in creating the account Create a blog Select a […]

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Eid Mubarak!

Alhamdulillah! its another Eid Adha! Eid Mubarak!!! Allahuma Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum. May Allah’s blessings and mercy be abundant in our lives and may Jannatul Firdaus be our final abode. Lets call up our loved ones and spread the love. Not text message, whatsapp, tweet or facebook. Let them hear your voice as we celebrate. […]

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How to download a file from server to server using PHP on shared hosting

Recenty, I was engaged in a number website migrations between servers. One from a shared hosting to a dedicated cloud server instance on Google Cloud running Debian OS. It was pretty easy, as all that is required is to zip the entire website content using the compress tool provided in the Web host’s control panel, […]

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Unserious blogger

Its funny how every now and then, I quarrel with my self about not writing on my blog and promissing to do so regularly, only to fail and repeat the process all over again. Why?!? I thinks its l largely due to my recent heavy usage of twitter & instagram and the usual cliche called […]

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Setting up WordPress Multi-site with Subdomain on Godaddy without Wild-card DNS entry

Godaddy Hosted Domains

While working on a WordPress site, I decided to enable Sub-domain Multi-site so that, all departments and units of the organisation can have their separate section. The Website is hosted on Godaddy and I encountered an issue with the sub-domain option as all the sub-site I was creating were not accessible, I researched and found […]

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